Company Vision

“Being a Solid operator in the wires industry”

Being a Primary Engineering Company means to us the possibility to guarantee the best performance in terms of safety during works execution, to support the sustainable earnings growth and to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers. Integrity, Passion, Protection of the Environment are the core values that DRT people keep constantly in mind in the application of the most advanced Engineering solutions for the pickling sector.

Company Mission

DRT is committed to build strong relationships with its Clients, Suppliers and Partners, based on integrity, respect and mutual trust. Our motto is “Win-Win Situation”. The observance of these principles is DRT’s competitive advantage and the sound basis of our success.
Operational Excellence
We continuously implement an operational excellence culture to increase our success in terms of profit and productivity enhancement, reaching cutting-edge performances in our projects.
Performance Excellence
We always accept challenges. We meet client expectations with advanced technologies. Our organization is inspired by our way of life, inspired by values.
Quality Attitude
We build teams with strong collaboration spirit all aiming at the top quality for the successful realization of the projects.
Protection of the environment is among our core values. We have a responsible behaviour in respect of the environment and we apply the best managerial processes to improve even further our activities in total respect of the environment.
Brand Image
Our behaviour and our technology innovations make our services reliable and profitable over the time, granting a competitive advantage for our customers and linking our image to the successful implementation of the projects.

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility in DRT is mainly implemented through the inclusion of the principle of managing efficiently the social and ethical impact issues, both inside and outside the company, in the strategic vision. DRT recognizes that the business activities, beside the licit profit creation, have to integrate adequate policies aimed at protecting the environment and the common goods. DRT strictly follows the EU directives and national regulations regarding the environment and social protection.

Ethics and Business

Respect of laws, regulations, self-discipline codes, honesty and correctness are a constant engagement and a must for those directly or indirectly working with DRT.
DRT has always been engaged to manage the business in a way inspired by honesty, transparency, good faith, uprightness and with respect of the rules of competition. In order to respect such principles, DRT has created and constantly revises,company procedures favoring behaviors inspired by such rules.

Vendors Relation

DRT policy for the acquisition of goods and services consists of:
  • Global view;
  • Setting up of qualification criteria potential suppliers have to satisfy;
  • Pre-selection of suppliers based on the previous criteria;
  • Setting up of adequate tenders to select reliable suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Constant monitoring of the quality of the products/services offered by the suppliers.
In addition, the suppliers undergo an auditing process, inspection & expediting visits, as well as a performance evaluation and verification of corrective actions, when these are applied.